Compassion Buy Now


$ 248.00 / QAR 903.00
Blue orchid signifies beauty...beautiful of flower is speechless... You can express your feelings with the beauty of flower.. This 3 to 4 ft height arrangement of orchid surely be a perfect choice for expressing your feeling.
Thoughts of You Buy Now

Thoughts of You

$ 245.00 / QAR 890.00
Let your sweet sentiments shine with vibrant color and exuberant elegance. An assortment of brilliant Dendrobium Orchids in the shades of red, lavender, green, fuchsia, hot pink, and pale pink are brought together to create a simply fantastic display. Wrapped in a single tropical leaf and perfectly arranged in a superior clear glass vase, this bouquet will delight your special recipient with its exquisite beauty and long-lasting blooms.
Intensely Buy Now


$ 242.00 / QAR 879.00
White Dendrobium Orchids - With Blossoms. This Head-Turning Bouquet Of white Dendrobium Orchids Will Make People Stop And Say, Wow Somebody Really, Really Loves You. Regal Long-Lasting Orchids: The Perfect Gift For Elegant Person With Intensely .
Sweet Beauty Combo Buy Now

Sweet Beauty Combo

$ 240.00 / QAR 873.00
18 Pink Lily, 14 Pink Rose in a vase with 1 Kg chocolate cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Tranquility Buy Now


$ 240.00 / QAR 873.00
Two tall arrangements of White Calla Lilies and White Roses side by side in the same vase creating the perfect pair
Lady Love Buy Now

Lady Love

$ 239.00 / QAR 870.00
One Of Our Most Beautiful Bouquets, Send Our "Lady Love" Bouquet. The Rose Design Can Express Your Sentiments In a Way Words Never Could. Perfection, Elegant, Classic, And Exquisite Describes This Bouquet Of Gorgeous Red Roses. The Red Rose Is Renowned As The Lover's Rose Signifying Enduring Passion And Romance. Words Need Not Be Spoken: Red Roses Say "I Love You" In Their Very Special Way. This Is A Fantastic Presentation Of "50 Red Roses" Conveying Love And Affection At Every Turn And Send Your Heart's Every Emotion Across The Miles. This Is The Perfect Gift For An Anniversary or Just to Create A Romantic Moment
Purple Passion Buy Now

Purple Passion

$ 239.00 / QAR 870.00
Cast a spell of luxury and extravagance on your loved one with this charming bouquet of gorgeous medium stemmed Purple roses.
Full of Love Buy Now

Full of Love

$ 234.00 / QAR 852.00
14 White Lilies and 20 Red Roses in a vase with 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Flawless Orchid Combo Buy Now

Flawless Orchid Combo

$ 234.00 / QAR 851.00
Bunch of 20 Stems of White Orchid , 1 Kg Chocolate Cake , 3 Latex Balloon
Pink Masterpiece Buy Now

Pink Masterpiece

$ 233.00 / QAR 847.00
Flowers are unique and they are one of the best nature miracles because what could be more innocent and more beautiful than flowers? Bouquets of 48 hot pink roses explode like fireworks from fresh tropical flowers, hot pink roses are will designed to get a classy modern arrangement.
Adequate Present Buy Now

Adequate Present

$ 233.00 / QAR 845.00
Bunch of 10 Red ,10 Pink & 10 White Roses with 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Romantic Wishes Combo Buy Now

Romantic Wishes Combo

$ 232.00 / QAR 842.00
Bunch of 36 Red Roses , 1Kg Chocolate Cake , 3 Latex Balloon
Bountiful Beauty Buy Now

Bountiful Beauty

$ 231.00 / QAR 841.00
15 Pink Lilies , 12 Pink Rose in a vase with 250 gms Of Choco Chocolate , 1 Kg Chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Always A Lady Buy Now

Always A Lady

$ 228.00 / QAR 831.00
This really is the ultimate romantic's gift - a truly magnificent display of 51 Red Roses. This luxuriously rich and sumptuous bouquet of the finest red roses is interspersed throughout to create the most amazing romantic gift for your true love.
hot offerr
Truly Loved Buy Now

Truly Loved

$ 228.00 / QAR 831.00
If you'd like someone to think sweet thoughts about you, send them this delightful Heart Shape arrangement of 40 Red Roses. Steal someone's heart with the luxury of roses
Free Cake
Special Day Buy Now

Special Day

$ 227.00 / QAR 824.00
6 Red Carnation, 28 White Chrysanthemum, 12 White Lily, 8 Red Rose in a vase with 1Kg chocolate Cake and 3 Latex Balloon
Joy Forever Buy Now

Joy Forever

$ 221.00 / QAR 803.00
30 Pink Roses, 30 White Chrysanthemums in a vase with 3 Pink Balloons and 12 Inches Pink teddy Bear
Be My Love Buy Now

Be My Love

$ 218.00 / QAR 791.00
Tell someone - I love you ! with two of natures most beautiful blooms combined into one spectacular bouquet crimson roses for romance, and delicate red & pink tulips to signify friendship and devotion. Accented with a big, bold pink bow make this a magnificent floral gift.
Precious Moment Buy Now

Precious Moment

$ 218.00 / QAR 791.00
Lovely and fragrant calla lilies are a wonderful way to celebrate a special day - or make an ordinary day special! Enhanced with sprays of delicate green statice, our lilies are beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase.
Fairy Tale Buy Now

Fairy Tale

$ 215.00 / QAR 781.00
Celebrate your special lady with a gift you know she's going to love, love, love. Roses in exquisite shades of pink and creme accented with hydrangea and delivered in a sparkling glass vase. She'll be totally swept away.