Roses are considered to be the king of flowers, therefore whenever we hear the word 'flower' the first specie of flowers that comes to mind is that of the roses. Roses can be sent in different shades and numbers for special occasions in Qatar online by the most trusted website for prompt delivery. The beauty of the roses is no doubt captivating but the most extraordinary feature of this flower is the sweet fragrance of the flower which accompanies the beauty. Roses come in dazzling colours like red, white blue, yellow, orange, pink, peach, purple, and so on. There are many mixed colour variety in which two or more colour make up one petal. While sending bouquets for special occasions people prefer to send an all rose bouquet because of its elegance and the sweet smell that makes the atmosphere pleasant and regales the receiver. An only rose flower arrangement can be sent as a simple bouquet or an elaborate flower stand. They look equally ravishing in baskets, placed neatly in cardboard boxes, glorifying the glass vase which holds them so lovingly or in your hands as a hand bunch that you intend to give the love of your life.