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Teddy Bear

Gifts are always welcomed by everyone, especially the girls who have a special weakness for soft toys especially teddy bears as gifts. We offer an enormous collection of teddy bears in various colours and sizes for our patrons in Qatar to send them online to their loved ones through www.dohaflowersandgifts.com. When you send flowers to pretty damsels for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine and remembering the day when we first met, do not forget to select and order a cute little teddy bear from our add on section in your preferred colours for them. Should you need to apologise to your bae for a missed date or some folly done unintentionally, the teddy bears will be extremely helpful as their innocent look will make your sweetheart smile and forget your mistakes. We have teddy bears from very small sizes to enormous ones in pastels and bright colours, whichever catches your fancy. These wonders are made from toxin-free material and are harmless even to little infants besides there is also no choking hazards and they are soft and do not have any pointed edges to harm little children. Therefore, we can vouch that these teddies are safe for children and grownups alike. Order a single teddy bear or a hamper of teddies whichever suits your budget. Whatever the number is, one thing is sure that they will fill the heart of the receiver with joy.

Teddy Bears